Corpy in party

Our body - that same body that makes us “individuals” and through which other people recognize us as “ourselves” - is in perpetual change. Nature explodes in her creative fantasy molding a variety of forms: long, short, tensed, morbid, large, thin… The aging process goes on without rest, deforming and altering colors, expressions, rhythms… the body adapts to the environment, the strains and activities to which it is subject.
This processes are a doom for us? We are all fighting a minute by minute war to fix us into an image, to make it ultimate, unchanging and eternal: like a photograph on a glazed paper magazine. Some models are suggested to us, others imposed, others born by themselves inside us… every model is aimed to win the process of becoming, because changing is like dying.
But growing, maturing and then dissolving isn’t our own nature? What is really “dead”? What is changing, or what is fixed and unalterable like a statue? But… how can we accept the process of becoming, if it finally kills us?

GDiT are born in 2011 in Rovereto (Trento – Italy): five dancers, two actors and one musician met during the dance formative project “Movimenti Urbani – 2010”, lead for the region Trentino - Altro Adige by Abbondanza/Bertoni Company. After the project they decided to follow a personal and experimental artistic quest, they named themselves GDiT and began to work trying to melt the languages of dramaturgy of actions and contemporary dance. The first step was the creation of “Corpi in Party”, followed by “Short piece with cello” and by the actual work in progress “Dance with a milk cup”.