Françoise Pertat
A literary translator who has mostly translated novels:
  • for Editions Actes Sud:

         La Maison au bout des voyages by Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor (Kenya)         (Dust, Granta, 2014)

  • for Editions Belfond:
Etonnez-moi by Maggie Shipstead (USA) (Astonish me, Knopf April 2014)
  • for Editions Gallimard:
Le Jardin suspendu by Patrick White (Australia) (Nobel Prize in Literature) (The Hanging Garden, Knopf 2012)
  • for Editions Hoëbeke: a narrative and a short story :
Transwonderland, Retour au Nigeria by Noo Saro-Wiwa (Nigeria) (Looking for Transwonderland, Travels in Nigeria, Granta January 2013)
Retour au Village by Noo Saro-Wiwa (Nigeria) in L’Afrique qui vient (anthology).
  • for Editions Jean-Claude Lattès:
Le Verger des âmes perdues by Nadifa Mohamed (British Somali writer) (The Orchard of Lost Souls, Simon & Schuster, 2013)
  • for Editions Liana Levi:
Attention au Parquet ! by Will Wiles (GB) (Care of wooden floors, HarperPress 2012)
  • for Editions Phébus:
three novels by Alex Miller (Australia) : Coal Creek, Autumn Laing and Lovesong (Allen & Unwin : Coal Creek, August 2013 ; Autumn Laing, October 2011 ; Lovesong, November 2009)
Black Mamba Boy by Nadifa Mohamed (British Somali writer) (HarperCollins 2009)
  • for Presses de la Cité:
Journal d’une Courtisane by Priya Parmar (USA) (Exit the Actress, Simon & Schuster, 2011)
La Cuisinière by Mary Beth Keane (USA) (Fever, Scribner 2013)

As a translator specialized in art, I have translated for Gallimard, Citadelles & Mazenod, Le Chêne, and different French and foreign museums. As such, I was an active translator for the Art Catalogue of the Yves Saint-Laurent/Pierre Bergé Collection for Christie's Auction House.
Member of ATLF, Association des Traducteurs Littéraires de France
And of SGDL, Société des Gens de Lettres

33 (0)7 69 89 05 81